Here are some messages from MARLAND puppy owners ....

INDY - Marland Come In Spinner (owned by Sally & Brett)
"The puppy, Indy, we purchased from Lee is a happy and health dog. Lee matched his personality to what we wanted in a dog. Lee has also been available over the years to help with questions and recommendations with Indy, which has been invaluable."

MINDI - Marland Dezined In Silk (owned by Caoline, Zoltan & Rachel)
"I first met Lee and her 3 wei’s twelve months before we were ready to buy. She was incredibly accommodating with us by providing her time and advice and especially time with her dogs. During that period we kept in contact right up to the birth of the puppies. Lee invited us to see the puppies at 4 days old which was a very special treat for us and we saw them at a few weeks old and around the 5 week age to choose our puppy. See attached pictures where my daughter (8 yrs old) sat in the kennel with them all – this was such a wonderful experience – thanks Lee.

Our dog Mindi (bitch) is now over 6 years old and is an extension of our family. Yeah, she sleeps inside in her basket in my bedroom and takes care of the house during the day. We have a 2 year old grandson and another on the way and she is wonderful around him. (However, every dog requires adult supervision at all times around children!)

Lee has always stayed in contact and has encouraged us to raise any concerns. It has been a lovely experience!"

COCO - Marland DezinersChoice (owned by Tony, Kirsty, Emily and Rebecca and best best to Jess the Beagle)
“Lee Petering and her family from MARLAND WEIMARANERS were kind enough to offer us Coco. She was a young 2 year old dog with boundless energy and a great looker who blended in with her new family and best friend Jess very quickly. Lee initially canvassed the idea of continuing with the showing of Coco every other weekend when she first arrived with us. After Coco had settled in, we gladly allowed Lee to attend every other weekend, where she was greeted by an exuberant Coco ready to go out for a day of showing. Coco loved her day away at the show and Lee always returned her in the afternoon. Lee’s persistence certainly paid off when Coco received her Australian Championship in November 2006.

Our Family thanks Lee and her family for the bottom of our hearts for bringing Coco to us. She is a much loved and cherished family member.

The Leighton Family”